Gloco Advisors Partner Services

Gloco Advisors Partner Services

Gloco Advisors was formed by teachers and school counselors to make the university application process less challenging, and more successful for students everywhere. And in doing so students around the world can be successful in applying to, and being admitted into colleges. Our College Consultants will work virtually with your students to ensure their applications are completed timely, and efficiently. 

When we start Partner Services with a school, we treat all of your students as individuals, and take all of their concerns into consideration. Some students want to apply to colleges by rank, while others prefer to apply by college fit. This is why we meet with your students to get a good understanding of what each student goal may be. At Gloco, we are aware that students’ GPA vary from scholar to scholar, so we keep that in mind when helping them find suitable colleges to apply to, or while looking for financial aid. We know that domestic, and undocumented students should be approached differently, as well as international students have challenges of their own.

When you partner with Gloco Advisors your institution will be furnished with a bi-weekly update concerning the progress of each student. Our trained College Consultants will guide your students through the college application process for universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States or anywhere in Asia or Europe. We encourage students to consider a broad range of institutions before applying.l

Benefits for Students

  • Lower stress level with college applications
  • Transcript assessments
  • On time ED I, ED II, EA and regular application submission
  • Essay/Personal statement guidance
  • Personalized list of colleges
  • Advisement with decision on college acceptances and school of choice

Benefits for Schools

  • College Consultant Specialists specific to your institution
  • Increased application submission rate
  • Increased university acceptance rate
  • Financial aid application completion for domestic and international students
  • Provide Informational Sessions for your parents
  • Your students have private College Advisors they can contact daily

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