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To enhance the lives of students globally through college admission services, by forming alliances with countries, institutions, communities and individuals worldwide

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Welcome to Gloco Advisors, where we enjoy providing college admission services to students worldwide. Our main goal is to assist students from all nationalities and backgrounds in finding a college fit or a college by rank, whichever your preference may be. We work with parents, students, and institutions to provide student support in the college application and admission process. 

One of our goals is to make the entire experience as stress-free as possible for students and parents. Our College Consultants have various backgrounds and understand the challenges of preparing and submitting university applications. They work with domestic, undocumented, and international students to find the right college.

Gloco Advisors

Moreover, we are aware of the time constraints that goes along with finding the right university and submitting your college applications on time. So, whether you are applying as an ED I, ED II, EA, or regular applicant, we are here to help you get your applications submitted efficiently and timely. Our College Advisors are well-versed with CommonApps, UCAS, Coalition Application, University of California, and the Canadian systems. Local and international students can start with our free membership and get step-by-step assistance completing their financial aid applications. Gloco takes pride in helping both domestic and international students apply for financial aid to help with college. 

In addition to guiding students through the college application process, we offer students direction with their Personal Statements, which play a significant role in the college admission process. Finally, Ask My Gloco Advisor is our way of keeping students connected to a private College Advisor who can answer their questions about college admission. Our College Advisors work with undocumented students every year to help them find the right university. Many Gloco students are successfully admitted to their first or second college choice and refer their friends to us for college advising.

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Ask My Gloco Advisor

Sign up for a free membership and get access to your private College Advisor. You may ask questions about FAFSA, CSS, ED I, ED II, EA, regular and rolling admission, or any college admission-related questions. We provide this free service to help you navigate the college application process efficiently. 

You can download the app or reach your Gloco Advisor using WhatsApp. The college admission process is like a maze, and we can answer many of your questions right away. If we don’t have an answer, we will find the correct answer for you.


“ Dr.Rigby, you are the best College Counselor in my mind ever. You’re like a bridge that connected me from high school to college. You’re a harbor in the middle of a typhoon. Your knowledge and experience made the college application process easier and less stressful for me. ”



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